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How to Get your Cat to Stop Spraying

Male catLet’s face it, all cats be it male or female, will always spray everywhere in order to mark their territory. Most of the time (or shall I say all the time) it is very problematic for the cat’s owner due to the constant clean up, but there are ways to get them to stop.

It is very important not to punish your kitty for what they are doing, because it would only make your cat even more stressed, causing them to increase the amount of times they spray around your home.

Before you do anything else, you best check out your cat’s health status first. You never know, perhaps the reason for their behavior is something related to having a medical condition. A healthy kitty is a kitty that would behave… a bit.

There are many reasons as to why your cat would abandon their litter box, or even never use it at all. Perhaps there is something new around the area, making them feel nervous, maybe their litter box is just not comfortable enough for them to use, or possibly there’s a new cat inside of their territory. If you do find the reason, try to handle it in your way to make your kitty happy again. Let’s learn how to stop a cat from spraying now.

Make your own anti-spraying formula at home.

First you must mix water with surgical alcohol, and then apply it on the sprayed areas (make sure not to use products with extremely strong smells, it would irritate your cat’s sensitive nose). When done, apply Feliway daily. Plug in a Fetiway Diffuser in the room where your cat frequently sprays to help your kitty feel safe again and to stop their constant spraying.

Neutering or Spaying

Is your cat neutered? If not, maybe that’s the reason why. Cat’s tend to spray when their sex hormones are running haywire, when they are neutered this would decrease, resulting in lesser tendencies to spray.

Cuddles and hugs

But not just any kind of loving, you need to love them in your cat’s favorite marking are to change their thoughts about it. If you give them hugs and kisses, your kitty will remember good memories in that area, ending up in your cat being cut down in stress. Or to make it easier, just try giving your cat food or treats in the locations they sprayed in.

Give your kitty something to play with

When you give your cats something to play with, or something to focus on for the day, it will keep them busy and would even make them feel more relaxed. Giving your kitty some fun would decrease the amount of stress they would feel. If this works, expect less amount of spraying around your home.

Get more than one litter box

Put multiple litter boxes around your house, most preferably in the places your cat tends to spray in, so that they would be able to go to the loo whenever they want without any fear of other cats interrupting or maybe even attacking them. This is another trick that will get rid of your kitty’s stress if you have more than one pet inside of your home.

Give your pet a schedule

At certain times of the day, try to give your cat a training time, or a play time, or time when your kitty would be interacting with other human beings inside of the house. This will give your cat a solid schedule on when they do things, making it easier for them to go through life since they know what’s going to happen next. It would stabilize their life, as well as make them less stressed. Unlike what a lot of people think, cats can be trained very well.

If you follow this advice, there’s a high chance that your cat would stop spraying, but if their behavior continues, get in touch with your veterinarian. They would be able to apply both medical and behavioral training to help you, or maybe even give you a professional to increase the training’s effect.